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'Aere Mai, Oki Mai... Hold me closely once more under te Marama (2023)

Cyanotype on tie-dyed cotton, embroidered hessian, tīvaevaes, plastic chairs, crochet blankets, palm leaves, plastic lei, pare rito, woven pandanus fan and bag, gardenia oil

dimensions variable


Ariki Vaine 2021

single-channel video

4:21 minutes

'Aere Mai, Oki Mai... Hold me again once more under te Marama' holds space for our ancestral spirits to breathe, in weaving together an intergenerational archive. A moment of celebration and remembrance in this shrine of familial diasporic materiality, a reflection of traditional and contemporary modes of practice. In a traditional O’ora, a laying of dowries, the artist lays these cross-generational fabrics across two empty chairs. These as spiritual and physical reminders of the ancestors who have paved the way, and who we must connect back to, thanking them for allowing us to join their journey. 

These works are a collection of family heirlooms, a cultivation of four generations of Pacific Island women. 

Morgan Hogg, Ariki Vaine, 2021, single-channel video, 4 mins 21 secs, Aere Mai, Oki Mai... Hold me again once more under te Marama, 2023, Installation view, 2023 NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging), Carriageworks, Sydney. Documentation by Anna Kučera. 

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