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'Akavata (2022) 


‘Akavata is the space between one point and another, and can only be activated through community. The name originated from my Cook Island heritage; inviting artists to engage with the spaces of the creative studios to bring together the arts community in a night of celebration, with a spread of performances, music, installation and visual arts held within the City of Sydney Creative Studios. 

With live performances from Tommy Misa, Sela Vai, Harriet Gillies, Solly Frank, Sophie Penkethman-Young, Riana Head-Toussaint, Clash palace, Harry Klein, Marcus Whale and Natalie Power. 


Artworks by Rainbow Chan, Deborah Kelly, Leyla Stevens, Taloi Havini and Talia Smith. 


Open Studios from Binny Talib, Sharon Billinge, Sylvia Griffin, Deborah Kelly, Leyla Stevens, Rainbow Chan, Carolyn Craig, Shivanjani Lal and Remy Faint. 

Curated and production managed by Morgan Hogg, with support from the Brand X team and the City of Sydney. 

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