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'Enua Mānea (2020)

Installation, 08:53. Projection, Palm leaves, Gardenia, Sarong, Cook Island statues, Woven Mats.


Tiaki mai i ahau, maku ano koe e tiaki… If you look after me, then I will look after you.

'Enua Mānea is an immersive interactive installation, reflecting upon the current state of climate change within the Pacific Islands. This work utilises various mediums to create an atmospheric mis-en-scene of the cautiousness towards climate change. Utilising the space, through covering the floor with fresh leaves and flowers, handmade woven mats and sarongs, to display the rich culture that can be easily lost due to climate change and human interaction. 'Enua Mānea evidently reflects the audience’s cautiousness and connectivity with the land, creating an individual experience for each person.

The filmic projection of the work engages as an educational representation of climate change from both the media and personal perspectives. This represented within the two split-screen video installation, documenting the state of the climate change issues within the Pacific islands and the media coverage upon it. Sourcing footage from directed interviews, newsreels and mobile phones, the 9-minute looped video highlights the encouragement of recognising climate change within larger countries to assist these islands. Continually, this work reflects the destruction of land and culture, illuminated with the dichotomous use of fresh materials and cultural objects, and that of the technologically advanced projected image. Overall, 'Enua Mānea reflects upon educating individual upon climate change and culture loss within the Pacific islands, through an interactive installation that intrudes the privacy of sacred objects. 

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